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Have you ever dreamt about small and bigger helpers to support your everyday’s work on your farm? We are here to build them for you. This is HELPA, our mascot. He will  guide you through the background of our technology, philosophy and offerings for you. 

Together with our partners, permarobotics builds interconnected digital tools and robots for planning, managing and running your regenerative farm – let it be a market gardens, a agroforest or holistic grazing management.

Compared to conventional agriculture, regenerative farming is much more complex because of polycultures, integration of live stock, or integration of agroforests. To keep an overview of what is going on on your farm, the use of digital helpers is mandatory. There is no one-fits-all solution, every farm is very individual. Therefore, we think that open interfaces between all the building blocks of your farm are necessary to allow to exchange and re-use data between the used software and hardware.

We are using RAL-Link (hosted by heal-the.earth foundation) to connect our own and our partners’ soft- and hardware for a tailored solution for your farm. Let’s talk about your farm setting and how we can help you to get it more digital.



The Permacube is your central server on the farm that brings together all the data streams and stores the data on it’s local database for later analysis. All your data belongs to you and you can do on-farm research to understand what is going on using our or 3rd party software.


Permasensors are a set of sensors for typical information needed to plan your farm work like soil&air moisture/temperature, rain volume, GPS tracking using LoRaWan technology. We can easily integrate with existing LoRaWan gateways or can install a professional LoRaWan Gateway at your farm. Recently, we completed a POC project with Globe Foundation Swiss to support schools in Switzerland with such sensors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IPu3oOfTV8


Permabot is a multifunctional robot currently developed for the workflows of regenerative agriculture at small at medium scale. We will roll out an early access program in 2023 for first applications. Stay tuned! 


We are offering all components for your taylored digital shop on your farm or on local pickup-points. The solution can contain access control, authentication, ad-hoc buying (QR-code scanner integrated in the app) or pre-ordering as well as check-out, stock management and accounting. Our friends at foodroots.earth have used the permashop system for their BETTER FOOD project.

We will support you to define the best shop solution for your farm business and will deliver a tailored hardware and software solution. Just ask us!

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With our small permascale adapter, every scale that has a RS232 adapter can be converted into smart scale. Just use your smartphone to collect harvest weights and numbers. Together with our partner rukolasoft, the data of the scale can be directly sent to it’s micro farm planner – a VERY easy workflow!

our apps

All our products can be controlled either with our smartphone app available in the app stores or as a desktop app.






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